Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Plague Upon All Your Houses

I find Math to be an absolute headache in terms of resource management. There is never enough resources, occasionally too many, and they are often in bad repair. This is why my next few posts are about Math resources. Enjoy!

As I teach in NZ and follow the Numeracy Projects, place value houses are a common material to work with. I printed mine off A4 size from Each 'house' was copied onto a different coloured paper, and then cut out and laminated. I didn't cut them out again after laminating, as it made it easier to punch a hole in the corner and thread a ring through (are they 'magazine' rings?).

 My awesome set can now hang from the wall if there is space. No more scrunching up in the bottom of a drawer! They are also really quick and easy to unclip and use, then pack up again.

I started off using a whiteboard pen to write the digits directly onto the laminated charts. However these digits are often hard to rub off, especially if you wait too long and it has the chance to dry. So now I use a packet of playing cards (50cents from the local emporium) with the picture + '10' cards removed. Affordable, and much quicker than making digit cards myself. There is a previous post on here with a similar idea.

I am planning on making a second, A3 set of place value charts with magnetic strips on the back for whole class lessons. I might even pop a little magnetic strip on the back of some oversized playing cards to use with the demo set.

Happy laminating!

A return to blog-land

Yup, i've returned.

The goal is a post each week.

Let's see how long I last this time!

Exciting news- new school, Year 2 class (6-7 year olds), new city. BY THE BEACH. Oh yes.