Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hanging Displays

I luuuuuuurve dangling displays from the ceiling. If you don't need to duck as you walk through a classroom, then there is something wrong with the classroom- or you are really short.

Hanging displays maximizes the space that you have- because lets face it- the wall space in classrooms is pitiful. I have a series of writing exemplars hanging in the classroom, and have just finished a set of 'childrens rights and responsibilities' mini posters to hang along the window. I'm sure there is many other uses, and we could all have dangly bits everywhere very soon!

So here we go- easy peasy hanging displays :)

These work best with firm materials- laminated paper or cardboard is perfect. Just punch a holes top and tail of each step of your hanging displays. Attach to each other with paper clips. Plastic coated ones paper clips are great- they don't scratch your hard work and they look better :).

Paper clips mean that they swing in the breeze, and hang nicely. They are easy to attach, just as easy to remove and are cheap... what more can you ask for!?

These wonderful printable posters can be found at

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