Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mini Books 2.0

This year's goal is to re-vamp my reading tumble activities. Last year I spent a lot of time seeking out and making resources for independent Math activities/ tubs, and poor old reading got the short stick.

One very successful tub I have had in my reading tumble is the box of 'Mini Books'. We all love mini things... mini mars bars and mini bottles of liquor that you get on a plane are personal favourites. The kids have really enjoyed having 'Mini Books' as a reading task, so over the summer holidays I have added to the resource and spent some time repairing older books.

All the books in the tub were sourced from op-shops for a minimal cost (mostly 10- 50 cents each). There is a good stock of books published by Ladybird in their small format, but also a range of books that seem to have been from Happy Meals, or given out at B.P. petrol stations. Either way, a fabulous source of engaging reading material!

I fully recommend a strip of clear packing tape along the spine, and one inside the front and back covers. Some of the smaller books have been cheaply made, and are not as robust as other books.

The plan is to have this reading tub on the tumble for a total of two terms if possible. To maintain student interest and provide some challenge, I plan on swapping the books at the beginning and middle of each term with a new batch.

One or two books were not salvageable on closer examination. I have stripped out some of their pictures to make writing prompts and to laminate for wall d├ęcor. It hurt to cut books, but they were so wrecked I would need to throw them out anyway.

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