Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How I Win at School Holidays

It has taken me a while to hit my stride when it comes to school holidays. There have been holidays completely wasted doing endless school work, holidays spent doing things for other people... and now I think I have worked out a formula that works for me. So, here is my list... a 'to do' list... of things that make up my school holidays. 1. Turn off the alarm and wake up naturally each day. During term time, I get up at 5.30 each morning. In the school holidays I wake naturally by 8am, and feel much better for it. I try to keep my bedtimes regular, and no more than an hour later than my school bedtime. This means I get the best out of my days, and don't struggle as much with re-setting the body clock. 2. Have at least one day in bed. I spend at least one day of my holiday in my pj's, mooching around the house. I read in bed. Eat junk food. I spend the day alone (no kids of my own). Its brilliant. And needed. Do it. 3. Revise your ward-robe. Catch up on the washing, sort through your clothes. What needs repairing or replacing? Will it be suitable for next term's weather? Fix what needs fixing, chuck what can't be saved. Donate to charity where possible. Then go clothes shopping and make sure you are ready for the new term. Dressing professionally and presenting professionally will make you FEEL professional. 4. Housework, housework, housework! Do those housework tasks that have piled up- give everything a good clean. By the last weekend of the holidays I aim to have fresh bedding on all the beds and a spotless house. It will ease some of the guilt over the coming term. You know, that teacher guilt that drags you down because you JUST... CANT... DO... EVERYTHING. Giving your home a school holiday clean up will make you feel much better. 5. Cook and freeze some bulk meals. I make soups, casseroles, curries and bolognaise for winter. In summer I roast and shred chicken, make bolognaise, etc. There will be a time in the coming term when there is just no energy left to cook a meal. Or to get take out. Having a home-cooked meal in the freezer is a life-saver. Top tip: freeze some in single-portions for those occasions when there is no food in the house to take for lunch. 6. Do something for YOU. For me, I like to read a book. A whole book. From cover to cover. It is glorious, and makes me feel glorious. 7. Exercise. Nuff said. 8. Catch up with friends and family. 9. Do enough school work that you are planned and organised for at least the first week. Give your classroom a once over, and toss/ organise what needs to be done. Then walk away. Actually, run away. 10. Work on your personal appearance. Sounds harsh, doesn't it? I mean that now is a good time to pluck those eye-brows, book that wax, get a hair cut... all those things that make you feel more professional over the coming weeks. So, that's it! My list of 'to do's for the school hols. If I can tick this list off (and there is less to it than there seems), then I go into the new term feeling under control, organised, and excited. A feeling that will last at least until the first staff meeting...

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