Monday, August 26, 2013

Kitting Out for Knitting

As mentioned in the post before, this term we have an Arts focus.

So I inquired of my students... what area/media would you like to focus on? 21 lovely littlies all put their hands up and said... knitting.

Now I love crochet, do knit some times and am an avid crafter. I must admit I was thrilled that they want to tackle knitting, and immediately began to plan the unit. I plan to integrate content on primary/ secondary colors, brights v.s. pastels, and how our color choices suit our purpose.

I hope that we will get to start off with making some small finger puppets as a learn to knit project. Teaching 21 six and seven year olds to knit is quite daunting, but i'm hoping that we will get to the dizzying heights of yarn-bombing before the term is through. Perhaps a little too ambitious.

I decided that inspiration was key, and so have set about yarn bombing our own classroom with hand-crocheted items.

 Rainbow bunting now hangs along our back wall. The wall is divided into four panels... one for spelling, one for our recent photography focus, one for knitting and the last bit (this is where the panels slide back so we can go next door) is dedicated to Maori. These panels are now festooned with bunting... and I am in love.

 The children love the bunting and our exploration table is now kitted out with baskets of wool, scissors and knitting needles. I love baskets in the classroom... affordable (op-shopped), natural looking and they suit every color scheme. The are also oh so very useful.

So a big thank you to Attic24 for the wonderful bunting pattern ( wish me luck!

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