Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stealing Art

This term we have an arts focus, and I am almost beside myself with excitement. I have such large ambition for our artwork, and so little time... we need to get started!

Last week we were lucky to begin our art unit with a trip to the local art gallery. This was a truly fantastic visit. We we guided around the gallery by the world's most amazing educator (I spent my time rhapsodising over her behaviour management and questioning skills), and then got to make our own artwork.

The gallery provided some lovely heavy-weight watercolour paper. We did a very quick and simple line drawing of a local mountain/ocean scene.

The painting was then completed with a lovely set of watercolours.... you know the kind that are a dry block on the palette and then you add water and it works? They came out just gorgeous. I love the way the watercolours have those swishes of colour through them... even the least artistic of us all had spectacular results! I mounted them on black paper and hung them over the wire strung across my classroom. The black makes the colours pop.

The paintings are A4 sized, so I used A2 sheets of black paper and folded them in half. One painting was stapled on one side, another painting on the other. The whole thing is then slipped over the wire. I find that this is the easiest, quickest and most effective way to mount artwork. Because the large paper is folded over the wire, it tends to stay put in a breeze. If it gets too windy, a quick staple in the bottom to close the paper together usually does the trick.

This artist used a black pastel to outline her picture... amazing isn't it?

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