Saturday, February 8, 2014

And in the beginning there was...

It is the start of a brand new school year in lil ol' NZ, and for the next few posts I am going to give you the grand tour of my classroom. I am beginning the round with my new school hat storage system... it has made my life so much easier, and was quick and simple to make.
I bought two over-the-door-shoe-organizers from K-Mart for $8.00 each (just in case you are wondering, there is 16 pockets in each organizer). These were stapled to the back of my class library shelves. Top tip- use the staple gun at an angle. It makes it way easier to get the staples out later if there is a little gap at one end. I chopped off the bottom rows, as they were not needed, and ran a quick strip of patterned duct tape across the top and bottom (before running out). I then added laminated name labels (stapled on) and a sign. Quick, cheap, and easy (wink wink). I love it because I can see at a glance who doesn't have their hat at school today, and their hats are no longer scattered around my classroom. The children love it because it gives them somewhere to park their hats and they love having their own pocket. I have a running deal with them- if all hats are parked in the pockets before school, they collect 5 marbles for the jar. Most students now leave their hat at school overnight- so they are already prepared for the next day (so cute). This is definitely a system that is here to stay!

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