Thursday, February 20, 2014

Because I'm happpeeeeeeeeeee...

So, so happy with the final results of our beginning of the year, class collaborative art projects! Clap along if you feel that this is a craft for you. Day one we began to create some class bunting. I already had crochet bunting hanging in the classroom, so we have a bit of a theme going on. I made a triangle template and traced out 24 triangles onto fabric. These were roughly cut out, so that I could name them on the outside of the triangle and be able to read it clearly. We put the traced side down on the table (so that I had clear cutting lines later) and we talked about not mixing colours, background/foreground and bright/interesting colours. The children painted self portraits in any old colours they choose. I limited their colour palettes to bright tones.
Day One we painted basic shapes- head, shoulders, background. Day Two we added detail. Day Three we added further detail if needed. I took the triangles home to cut and assemble. Each 'flag' was cut out and re-named on the bag. I ran a thin strip of hot glue across the top and attached a long piece of ribbon to make a class bunting.
The crochet bunting has been ripped down from the back wall, and this one now hangs pride of place, directly underneath our collaborative treaty.
Just gorgeous. And a nice twist on a classic self portrait. Now, to find a home for my old bunting...

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