Monday, November 3, 2014

Now I know it... now I don't

We have been working hard on improving our recognition of numbers on tens frames recently. It seems that sometimes we know it... and sometimes we don't! I put together some resources and activities to help to develop instant recognition. These include... * Good, old fashioned flashcards. In a group we play tens frames speed (flip a card over, first to read it correctly gets it and the winner is the person with the most at the end). Handy hint... enlarge the tens frames, laminate and attach a magnet on the back for whole class work on the whiteboard.
* Roll and Cover Tens Frames games. I made two versions of this game (apologies as I made the clipart, it could do with some refinement). One version is for a 1-6 die, the other is for a 10 sided die (if your die has a '0', use a fine permanent marker to turn it into a ten). Just click here to go to my GoogleDrive and download the PDF file. * Tens frames timed powerpoint. My children love this one. I made a powerpoint presentation with tens frames representations, one on each page. I then adjusted the transition time so there was only 3 seconds between each slide. We watch the powerpoint and record the numbers that we see on our whiteboards. We then recap and look for patterns (e.g. 5 and 1) that could help with faster recognition. *Friday I will introduce them to Tens Frame Memory. Just match the frame representation with the correct digit card. I will share this file once it is student approved. We are going a little tens frames crazy. The games will go into the pattern making box on our Math Tumble and the children will continue to re-enforce their knowledge while we move on to the next topic. Fingers crossed it works!

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