Thursday, November 27, 2014

Playing with Cards

Today I am sharing a quick little math group warm up with you. I love using playing cards, and so do my students. This pack is a set from a 500 game... the numbered cards go from 2-13 and Ace becomes one. To keep them tidy and organised, I like using one of the tiniest Sistema containers I can possibly get. A little bit more expensive than other storage systems, but they seem to be practically indestructible, come in great colours and when on sale they are way more affordable:
Sitting in a semi circle, I go round the circle giving the students cards, and they need to answer as quickly as they can. The questions vary: * What is your number (you can give them two cards to make a two digit number etc) *What comes before your number *What comes after your number Once they have a set (maybe 5-ish cards)... *Put your cards in order from smallest to biggest *Put your cards in order from biggest to smallest Swap sets between the children so they have a different set to work with. Next we switch into a bit of teamwork. I take a set of 1-13 cards and give them out to the children face down. We then need to work TOGETHER to put them in order (ascending or descending) and the children just love this.
Lastly we go to work on some strategy. It is important to note that we have done ALOT of work with manipulatives by now, and are trying to count forwards and backwards in our heads to solve number problems. I write the equation symbols out in the book, and the children take turns to fill in the numbers with playing cards. Then we use our strategy to solve the problem.
Last time we did this, the group asked to take the book and cards away to "play teacher" and practise by themselves! How cute!

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