Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recycled Love...

I don't have a teachers desk in my class. The desk I had took up far too much space and was always a mess. So it went to another classroom. Often I regret it, but mostly I rejoice at the extra space. Now I no longer tell children to 'put it on my desk' to deal with later... things get done immediately. Less mess, less stress. I need a place to keep my stickers and stamps though. I recently cut up and cleaned a couple of recycled milk bottles. I chopped off the tops and added a gorgeous little strip of fabric tape and some labels. These are now pinned on the wall next to my IWB.
You might notice that I keep my smelly stickers in ziploc bags. This keeps them smellier for longer. As I took this picture it made me think of the red spotty tin that sits at the top of the teachers workstation. I have a series of decorative tins along the top- one for felts, one for permanent markers etc. The red spotty tin is specifically for WHITEBOARD markers. That way my students are able to easily identify which marker to use when putting up team points or writing their names on the whiteboard.
Plus its super cute and super cute things make my world a smilier place.


  1. Was it much of a transition from having a teacher desk to not having one? I am considering getting rid of my teacher desk, as really I'm only at it twice a day when I do the electronic roll on my laptop. So really I'm not using it as a desk - just as a place to pile stuff.

  2. Hey Angela,
    I didn't find the transition an issue at all. I just needed to make sure that everything else had a home elsewhere.