Monday, March 3, 2014

Christmas Crochet

I am slowly working my way through a massive backlog of posts that I have photographed and never done anything with.... Last year I made myself a vow that I would try and MAKE each of my students a little Christmas gift for them each at the end of the year. After much to-ing and fro-ing, I decided on CROCHET gifts, as there had been a wooly theme in the classroom. I found a super cute and super easy pattern for crochet monsters here. They work up quickly and it was a relatively painless process to make 21 of the little darlings. I started during the Term 3 holidays and gradually picked at the project.
These little monsters were packaged up with a 3B1 notebook (which I bulk buy in the stationery sales at the start of the year... 5 cents each!), a pencil, and an eraser. The kids loved receiving them almost as much as I loved making and giving them. I also put together a simple theme for the chocolate gifts I gave to teacher aides, co-workers etc.... brown paper, twine and a little crochet snowflake. You can find that pattern here. It made a simple gift a little bit more personal and they seemed to make peoples day... which in turn, made my day!
This year I am scoping out ideas for another handmade Christmas gift for my students. I am already collecting ideas on a holiday themed Pintrest board (link here)... and can't wait to start the craftiness happening again!

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