Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Writing Jobs Part B- Boggle.

So yesterday I started telling you all about how I organize my writing program, and explained one of the independent activities that my writers go on with while I am working with a group/ conferencing.

The second independent activity is greatly loved- Boggle. I have a range of Boggle sets organised, and try to present it in a variety of formats.

We have laminated Boggle letters attached to our whiteboard with strips of magnet tape...

And we have plastic baggies pinned to our wall with letters in them...
In the plastic baggies you might find cardboard tags with the letters written on, or printed and laminated letters, or milk bottle tops with the letters, or even some plastic letters (that I found for 50 cents at an emporium one day).

I place importance on making sure the children can take the set back to their table and physically manipulate them to make as many new words as they possibly can. They then record the letters on their whiteboards.

Sometimes we have competitions to see who can come up with the most words. This is a fabulous fast finisher and was also really effective when I was relieving.

Happy writing!

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