Sunday, March 13, 2016

Skip Counting Madness

I have absolutely loved exploring the collaborative teaching pedagogy so far this year. It has been a great challenge, and has got me thinking about my classroom in a different way. At the moment we are working from our old single cell classrooms, with students moving between each classroom for workshops and independent work (we have called the independent work 'stations', but I think it is sometimes referred to as 'tubs'). This means that we can give each classroom a learning focus, and students know what they are learning about before they decide to move to that classroom.

We have started with Math, and this week the activities in my class have focused on increasing our skills in skip counting. There are a range of activities to reinforce skip counting skills at a range of levels- everything from skip counting in 2's, 5's and 10's with numbers to 1000 to introducing skip counting sequences in 3's and 9's (for some reason, the children wanted to learn 9's).

My stations are as follows:
BeeBot Skip Counting- program the Bee Bot to travel to the squares in the correct skip counting sequence.
Movement Activities... this station focuses on getting our bodies up and moving while developing number knowledge. The three activities at this station are...
1. Hit the Target- sort the skip counting 'target' cards in order. Then, bounce the tennis ball on each target as you say the number out loud. If you miss a target, go back to the start! (I used printable targets from Sparklebox for this... find them here).
2. Bean Bag Toss- throw a bean bag to your partner as you take turns to repeat a skip counting sequence. If someone drops the ball, or says the wrong number, go back to the start!
3. Skip Counting Hopscotch- masking tape a hopscotch outline to the floor. Use a koosh ball to throw and then repeat the sequence as you jump on the squares.

Worksheets/ Printables... because we have a contingent of students who prefer to sit quietly/ individually to complete a task. I sourced these all from our in-house print based resources.

Games... because we love to learn through games! Most of the activities at this station are resources I have had for years, however I did find a series of wonderful games by Lory Evans in her TPT store here (check her other resources for further skip counting sequences).

We are absolutely in love with our skip counting activities this week!

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